Monday, September 17, 2007

Class substitution assignment

At this point in my research, my challenge is narrowing down the resources that are available in my searches to those that will be most helpful to my topic. I have been using Google for the most part and have found so much information on social networks like and, much of which is commentary or opinion. The most important thing for me to do is find sources that are valid. Therefore, it is important to me to use credible websites when researching such as articles published by or One of the more interesting sites I found while researching my topic was This was a story published in Newsweek about how investigators are now using as a tool to catch criminals. This is just one of many sources I have looked at that show what an impact these Internet based social networks are having on our society.
The Internet has provided me with a lot of information so far, but I think my next step should be to visit the library and the University's online article database. This will only help in finding the information necessary for my topic.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Research In Progress...

Thus far, I have been looking at Internet based material to uncover what professionals believe are the true effects of Internet social networks. Facebook's widespread popularity and use, make it an easy topic to search for and learn about. I have discovered in my searches, however, that a lot of my findings are opinion oriented. The real challenge will be to separate opinion from fact and derive some sort of reliable information to present in my findings. It would be incredibly helpful to find statistics or something of that nature, which will strengthen my research findings.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Class excercise 1

Primary Topic: The effects of facebook on the world of communication

Research Question: How has new interactive websites like and affected the way in which the world interacts and communicates?

What are the pros and cons to these websites?
Has this technology hindered or helped our ability to interact and relate with others?

Physical: Visited pertinent websites such as and I also went to the UNC Libraries website and searched for journal articles on my topic.

Affective: I felt great about my research. The information I obtained will be extremely beneficial for my topic.

Cognitive: I think I have a very interesting topic. Social websites like those I am researching, have changed how we communicate today. I want to know how and why these websites are changing social interaction among people today, especially the youth. I think my research thus far will aid in finding the answers to my questions.