Monday, September 17, 2007

Class substitution assignment

At this point in my research, my challenge is narrowing down the resources that are available in my searches to those that will be most helpful to my topic. I have been using Google for the most part and have found so much information on social networks like and, much of which is commentary or opinion. The most important thing for me to do is find sources that are valid. Therefore, it is important to me to use credible websites when researching such as articles published by or One of the more interesting sites I found while researching my topic was This was a story published in Newsweek about how investigators are now using as a tool to catch criminals. This is just one of many sources I have looked at that show what an impact these Internet based social networks are having on our society.
The Internet has provided me with a lot of information so far, but I think my next step should be to visit the library and the University's online article database. This will only help in finding the information necessary for my topic.

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